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Susan Kucera has been working in film since she was nine years old:  first as a camera assistant creating science films with her father for Britannica films, then as a screenwriter and commercial director. One of the first owner/operators of the groundbreaking Red One Camera she produced, wrote, directed and filmed Trading on Thin Air (2009) chosen by Films for Action as one of the top docs for affecting positive change in the world. The film  is in wide distribution with Gravitas Ventures, regular partners with Warner Brothers, PBS and HBO. 

This year Susan produced, directed and filmed: 'Breath of Life’, which premiered at the Maui Film Festival in June 2014. 

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Jorge Torres is a world renowned tango dancer, choreographer and teacher from Buenos Aires who lives, performs and  teaches in NYC where he lives with Chino and his three kids. He is also an exective producers of the film. To contact Jorge go to his website at:

Producer and Co-Creator is an avid Tango dancer and teacher who combines the art of Tango dancing with inner awareness.  He has co-written a book on conscious relationship ('Riding the Dragon') and has led many inner awareness groups all over the world.  Together  with Susan his partner and mate  he helped bring into being this film on Argentine Tango.  
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