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Host the Film in your Tango Community


'The film is a Must See'
George Garcia, Honolulu Tango teacher


'For the Love of Tango breathes inspiration as it embraces many layers of the Argentine Tango through a graceful weaving of several life stories.    Susan Kucera has masterfully turned her creative lens into a wonderful film offering us a glimpse into the alluring world of Tango. '
Nancy Newman, Seattle




 The film will provide an opportunity to


Strengthen the dance community
Invigorate and re-energize people's love of the dance

Garner interest in the dance from non-dancers

Provide an opportunity to create a communal celebration around the love of Tango




Licensing costs for public showings:



$300 for a showing of less than 100 people.

For events of more than 100 people we offer a revenue split of 50/50%
If we present the movie ourselves bringing all the equipement etc. and asre available for Q&A aferrwards we charge 60% of the ticket price, regardless hoa many people attend.


We will supply you with the layout of posters and advertisements.  You just send us your information and we will send you the high resolution layout and artwork for same or next day poster and flyer printing.

We will supply a press kit to you that you can send to your local media outlets.


We will post your showings on our website and will help promote your event  in your area



To connect with us call Gawain at (808)250-0862 or e-mail:
























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